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EE to offer broadband without mobile subscription  Saturday 14 Jun 2014- 9:27 PM

Mobile operator EE is now offering broadband without the need for a mobile subscription. Read more »

Orange broadband subscribers increase for first time in four years  Thursday 27 Oct 2011- 10:38 AM

The number of Orange home broadband subscribers rose in September for the first time in almost four years, according to parent company Everything Everywhere. Read more »

O2 broadband offers truly unlimited downloads  Monday 26 Sep 2011- 10:10 PM

O2 has announced that it is enhancing two of its broadband packages to offer customers truly unlimited downloads. Read more »

TalkTalk tops table – for Ofcom complaints  Friday 23 Sep 2011- 10:14 AM

Funding to help rural access to broadband  Thursday 18 Aug 2011- 12:04 PM

Virgin to extend reach to an extra 100,000 homes  Tuesday 9 Aug 2011- 11:04 AM

Virgin ads “misleading” advertising Watchdog rules  Wednesday 13 Jul 2011- 9:56 AM

Badly structured spectrum auction could affect mobile competition  Friday 24 Jun 2011- 9:23 AM

Satellite broadband viable option for rural areas  Tuesday 31 May 2011- 12:01 PM

Newquay first to trial new mobile broadband  Wednesday 25 May 2011- 2:15 PM

BT denies it is behind schedule with superfast exchanges  Wednesday 18 May 2011- 10:03 AM

Virgin Media ups broadband pace to 1.5Gbps  Wednesday 20 Apr 2011- 6:36 PM